Portfolio - Panu Horsmalahti

I have written many software projects, specializing in games.

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Television show tracking website

A website I developed to track and follow television shows. Uses JQuery to dynamiclly update informaton.

Skannaa Lasku Android app

Android app to scan paper bills using a barcode scanner. The information can then be sent to a PC using Bluetooth or email.


I developed a motorcycle-themed game called StuntMoto using the Blitz3D game development framework. It supports online multiplayer over TCP/IP-protocol, with support for multiple levels and bikes. Naturally many different kind of tricks are available.

Download: Windows


I developed with another programmer a game called Spacebuilders, where the task is to build a spacecraft from a set of parts. The different weapon systems and thrusters have to be mapped and defined, and then the player has to battle an AI enemy. The game was programmed in BlitzMax.


OpenGL library for C++ and BlitzMax. Supports models, cameras, animations, particles and shaders.

Myth of Guera Online

Massively multiplayer online role-playing game developed in 2004 in Blitz3D. Supported hunderds of players and non-player characters. Administrative tools were also written in addition to map editor and item editor.

Blitzmax GUI library

GUI-library written in Blitzmax. Supports multiple skins. The UI widgets are drawn using image function calls.

PC Demo

Screenshot from a multipart PC/Windows demo.

Other projects include: